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How to use Run Gum

How does founder Nick Symmonds use Run Gum and what does he recommend for you?

By Nick Symmonds

A little over six month ago, my coach, Sam Lapray, and I created Run Gum. It has been incredible to see how many people find that Run Gum helps them during various activities throughout the day. Cyclists, swimmers, wrestlers, nurses, lawyers, and, of course, runners have all found that Run Gum provides them with a fast, reliable burst of energy when they need it most.

No matter a person's chosen pursuit, the question I get asked most frequently from our customers is, "How do you use Run Gum?" There are two ways to interpret this question. 

How do I, Nick Symmonds, use Run Gum? And how does, or should, each person take Run Gum. I will answer both questions. 


I personally like to use Run Gum before each of my workouts. I know that a pack contains two pieces, adding up to 100mg of caffeine. This dosage of caffeine, a drug shown to have performance enhancing effects on endurance athletics, is similar to what you would find in a cup of coffee. I typically chew one piece before I start my warmup and the other before I start my workout. I also, like to chew a piece or two after training given that caffeine has been shown to have enhancing effects on recovery as well. 

Outside of athletics, I find myself reaching for a pack of Run Gum any time I need to stay awake. Whether its during a road trip, at the movies, or a night out with friends, Run Gum acts quickly and is effective at keeping me alert.


When it comes to recommending how others should use Run Gum, I really believe that one must find out for themselves what works best. Each person's body weight, metabolism, and tolerance for caffeine can all effect how Run Gum will work for them. 

We have had people use it during marathons and chew one piece every 10k and we also have policeman who use it throughout the night while on the night shift.

Regardless, before your next race, workout, work shift or study session know that you can pop a piece of Run Gum in and within 5-10 minutes, the energy supplements will begin to kick in.  

I'll speak for all of us here at Run Gum when I say we love hearing testimonials. Please tell or show us how YOU use Run Gum by posting on social media with the hashtag #HowIRUN and mentioning us @RunGum

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