5 Ways Caffeine Can Boost Your Workout

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5 Ways Caffeine Can Boost Your Workout

Why caffeine enhances your workout.

  1. It can help you go faster & further. Caffeine can help you work harder, increase your endurance, and make you faster. Studies have shown up to a 3% boost or more. 
  2. It can increase your focus and concentration.
  3. It doesn't dehydrate you. Contrary to popular belief, caffeinedoesn't appear to increase the risk of dehydration.
  4. It can help you recover faster. Caffeine is a vasodilator and can help improve circulation by 30%, meaning more oxygen and nutrients are replenished into your muscles.
  5. It absorbs faster through the tissues in your mouth. Though caffeine is widely available in many products including energy drinks, coffee, and soda, they all require you to digest something. You can get caffeine faster through sublingual and buccal absorption. What is that? It is a faster delivery method utilizing the tissues in your mouth. Begin feeling the benefits within a few minutes versus the 30-40 minutes it takes with drinks, shots or gels.*

75% of athletes in Olympic games and world championships consume caffeine before or during competition.

One of those athletes, two-time Olympian and Biochemist, Nick Symmonds, has successfully usedcaffeine for a performance boost in workouts and competition for over a decade.

"I cannot recall the last time I worked out without caffeine," said Nick Symmonds. "When I was studying Biochemistry in college, I learned about the many ways caffeine interacts with the body and the brain. It was the ideal legal performance boost to take with me to the track."

And that is exactly what Nick did. With the help of caffeine as an energy boost, he went on to win seven NCAA Titles, eight USA Titles, and make two Olympic teams.

But he always hated what it did to his stomach!

"I couldn't handle the harsh liquids in my gut from energy drinks and coffee before a hard workout and races," said Symmonds

So together with his coach, Nick began to look for ways to deliver the caffeine into his body without filling his stomach andquickly turned to chewing gum. Gum infused with caffeine would allow Nick to absorb it faster without having to digest anything.

Working with a team of expert nutritionists, coaches, and formulators, Nick took all the stimulants he loved about energy drinks and infused them into a piece of gum leaving out all the junk that left his stomach feeling like a bucket of water.

"I made the first batch just for me," said Symmonds. "But after seeing the demand from my friends, family, teammates and even fellow competitors, I knew we had to launch a business."

And so theycreated Run Gum— an energy gum designed to maximize your performance in sport and life faster than drinks and shots.

Jenna Helton

Jenna Helton