Run Gum vs. Energy Drinks

Run Gum vs. Energy Drinks

90% of Americans use caffeine every day 😳...are you one of them? 

We have a team here at HQ who all love caffeine!!! I guess it makes sense with us all working for an energy gum company. 

Our love of caffeine comes in many different forms. Some of us are morning traditional caffeine lovers with coffee, while others of us have opted for the ice cold Energy Drink on a long road trip (or a short one). Or many times we have opted for multiple forms of caffeine in one day. 

Energy Drinks come in many different looks and flavors, but they all pretty much are the same. They all basically have the following ingredients: 

  • Taurine 
  • Caffeine
  • B-Vitamins

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Nick Symmonds, was a lover of caffeine, but still wanted to find a a better alternative to satisfy his caffeine cravings without the side effects during his workouts. And how Run Gum was born. 

We sat down with Nick to get his take on Run Gum vs. Energy Drinks, here’s a few top differences: 

  1. The time it takes energy to absorb. Did you know that water from the energy drink delivers the stimulus (here caffeine) into your stomach and this can take up to 45min for you to feel the effect of the caffeine. Whenever you chew gum, you receive the stimulus (again, caffeine) via your mouth and it is delivered much quicker into your bloodstream, and at full potency! (You can read more about how a body absorbs caffeine here)
  2. Zero Sugar | Zero Calories. Yes, Run Gum has zero calories and zero sugar! This was something we wanted to be adamant about while creating the product. We understand that you can still find these kind of energy drinks on the market as well, but we give you that different option. 
  3. Ease of Travel. Run Gum is easy to pack. You can literally put it in your running pouch while running a marathon, or in your purse / carry on bag as you travel across the country. It's way easier to pack a packet of Run Gum somewhere, compared to trying to pack up a can of liquid. You can't carry a can of liquid on an airplane, and it might be a little difficult carrying one along with you while you're out on a run or a bike ride.  

We believe that every energy product has a purpose and place. This isn’t to say we don’t love an ice cold Energy Drink on a car ride while we’re heading somewhere….but we do think Run Gum gives you that boost of energy for any active on the go person. 

Click Here for our latest YouTube video RE: Energy Gum vs. Energy Drinks. 

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