So...What is Taurine?

So...What is Taurine?

Run Gum is best known for the caffeine boost it gives you; but there are two other ingredients in there that are a little lesser known but still an important factor to helping you Run The Day!

Last week we introduced you to our star ingredient, caffeine, and this week we want to put the focus on one of these other ingredients: Taurine! 

Taurine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in your body with the primary concentration found in your brain, eyes, heart and muscles. It is classified as an essential amino acid. 

In this instance, we use Taurine as an energy booster that supplements caffeine perfectly. It’s no one trick pony, however. Taurine also plays a role in several other essential body functions. 

A few of these are: 

  1. Helping the eyes. Taurine is the most plentiful amino acid in the retina of the eye that protects against retina deterioration. 
  2. Promotes Healthy Metabolism. Taurine is also used in your body as a bile salt, helping to speed the digestion process. Bile salts help break down fatty acids in the intestines. Bile salts also help break down cholesterol at the end of the day.
  3. Balancing electrolytes within the body. Taurine helps increase cellular rehydration, in other words helping your body get hydrated quicker and stay hydrated longer, with electrolytes. 

We love taurine for all the natural benefits it brings to the body and the extra boost of energy it gives us as well, paired with caffeine they make the perfect team for a functional gum!  

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