The Benefits of B-Vitamins

The Benefits of B-Vitamins

Let's Recap!

Run Gum’s signature boost consists of three main ingredients; caffeine, which you can read about here, taurine, which you can read about here and last but not least… B Vitamins!  

We specifically use vitamin B6 and B12 as a supplement to our innovative formula; supporting vital functions to help you Run The Day at your best!

Did you know that your body cannot produce Vitamin B6, so you must obtain it from a food, or supplement?

A few fun facts about Vitamin B6: 

  1. Helps improve your overall mood 😄
  2. Has shown to improve brain and cognitive health 
  3. Benefits the central nervous system 
  4. Helps with red blood cell formation 
  5. Energy Booster! ⚡️

Then we have Vitamin B12. B12 is an essential vitamin; This means that the body actually needs Vitamin B12 to work properly!

Here are some fun facts about Vitamin B12: 

  1. May help prevent memory loss 
  2. It will help boost your mood, energy, mental function, and immunity 
  3. It helps make DNA and improve iron absorption 
  4. Another Energy Booster! 

With both B Vitamins being energy boosters, it really is the most natural third ingredient to our magic gum! ⚡️

B Vitamins are water soluble and can be found in foods such as: 

  • (B12, B6) Meat (beef, pork, ham, poultry, lamb) 
  • (B12, B6) Fish 
  • (B12, B6) Dairy Products (milk, cheese, yogurt) 
  • (B12, B6) Eggs
  • (B6) Vegetables 

We love our trio of ingredients to keep our energy long lasting, fast acting, and full of power! 

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