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Thinking about giving us a shot? Our gum helps you maximize your day with a faster energy boost.

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How Our Energy Gum Works

1. Chew Gum

Just a few minutes (5-10mins) is all it takes to absorb the caffeine, b-vitamins, & taurine infused in Run Gum.

2. Have Energy

Get an immediate boost in alertness and energy without the acidic and harsh liquids in your stomach.

3. Run The Day

Maximize your performance so that you can get more done and end each day feeling accomplished.

How The Trial Works

Start with a Trial

Judge the boost and flavor for yourself. Try an 8 pack assortment of all our flavors, even the all new Extra Strength.

Find How You Run

See how Run Gum can give you energy throughout the day. Try it when you wake up, before you workout, at work, while driving, etc.

You're in Control

After 14 days, you'll be enrolled to become a Boost Plan member so you can get the energy you need for less—plus a free monthly gift.

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By redeeming the Trial Offer, you agree to become a Boost Plan Member on our popular subscription. You will be charged $35.99 per month for two Variety 12-Packs shipped conveniently to your door at the same time each month. Cancel at anytime before your 14 day trial ends and you will not be charged or enrolled in our Boost Plan Program.

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Run Gum is becoming more and more part of my daily routine for working out and getting through work. The Boost Plan makes it so affordable!

Jeremy McLaughlin

The best of Run Gum Boost Plans may be the community that comes with it.  Plus I love all the goodies that come every month!

Bree Rowe