Fruit Punch Headband

Great Fitting Headband & Neck Gaiter. Perfect for Yoga, Running, Sports, and More.

The Fruit Punch Headband has been made in coordination with the launch of Fruit Punch Energy Gum.

These are perfect for face covering, running, yoga, hiking – anytime you’re going to sweat – and stylish enough to wear even when you’re not!

This is one headband that stays in place and won’t slip or slide around as you get your groove on. The moisture-wicking material is specifically designed to keep you sweat-free with just enough stretch to fit comfortably on almost everyone! That means no more dreaded headband headache.

The Run Gum Sport Headband / Neck Gaiter is made of moisture-wicking material and is approximately 9.5″ x 9.5″.

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Ditching coffee almost altogether!It eases me into energy instead of ringing my bell.

—Jacob M. ☑️


Run Gum is THE BEST! I love that I can chew it any time when I need a boost of energy.

—Regina F. ☑️



Bye Energy Drinks,
Bye Coffee. Hello Run Gum.

Run Gum's compressed energy boosts your output without slowing you down with heavy and acidic liquid.

Plus—you'll feel the kick up to 5x faster without the crash and jitters.

1,200+ Happy Customers 😊