A new caffeine boost to help you a maximize each day.

When it comes to making the most out of every day, most people get so busy that they need an extra boost just to make it through.

Run Gum helps customers feel alert, focused, and energized so that they can go further, accomplish more, and Run The Day!


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  • Run

    Worrying about your stomach while on the run is the worst. Run Gum was created for this very reason. A quick energy boost without anything in your gut so you can focus on what matters.

  • Bike Ride

    It is never easy to travel light on a long ride. Run Gum gives you a lightweight energy boost so that all you are adding are miles.

  • Productivity at Work

    Your productivity matters. The 9-5 can be grueling especially that afternoon slump. Run Gum gives you a convenient boost so you can finish the day.

  • Workout

    The hardest part about getting fit is just getting to the gym. Run Gum helps get you out the door with the energy you need to maximize your workout.

  • Roadtrip

    Beginning to fade at the driving wheel is not an option. Run Gum helps you perk up and feel alert so you can get to your destination...without all the rest area stops.

  • Mornings

    Your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, but getting started is not always easy. Run Gum helps get you up and running so you can tackle your important routine.

  • Travel

    Cabin pressure–induced fatigue and time differences make flying exhausting. Run Gum is a TSA-safe caffeine boost to get you feeling energized so you can touch down without the jet lag.

  • Hike/Backpacking Trip

    Weight Matters. When you are reaching new peaks, the extra pounds have to go. Run Gum is a lightweight coffee alternative so that you can maximize your adventure.

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