Considering Jumping Up to Ultras? Here is how to Become Ultra with Scott Jones

Considering Jumping Up to Ultras? Here is how to Become Ultra with Scott Jones

Thinking of doing your first Ultra? Scott Jones and Becoming Ultra have the resources to help!

Scott Jones of Becoming Ultra on the Performance Matters Podcast

A bit of a role reversal today as I interview Scott Jones from Usually I am the interviewee and he is the interviewer, but as we continue on our partnership, I wanted to bring him on ours just in case you are interested in Ultra marathons, but don’t know where to start.

Scott is a expert in helping you reach your fitness goes, be in running your first ultra or just getting in shape. He has spent years as a personal trainer, working in corporate fitness and putting on his own events. A few years ago he got started with his flagship podcast AthleteOnFire and as he began interviewing more and more endurance athletes, saw the need to provide resources for those interested in running an ultra marathon. And was born.

If you are interested in the ultra marathon world and want to know what it takes, I think you will enjoy being introduced to Scott Jones in Episode 5.



  • How his first job led to a life of building his own business.
  • Why listening to podcasts helped him start Athlete on Fire.
  • The evolution of AOF and the start of
  • The same 5 Questions he gets from first time ultra runners.
  • Why getting up early is crucial for his success.



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