How to Be Creative with Your Running Life with Calum Neff

How to Be Creative with Your Running Life with Calum Neff

Looking to freshen up your runs, let Calum Neff show you how to approach it with a creative mind.

Calum Neff on the Performance Podcast fueled by Run Gum

If you are tired of the same old thing, the same type of races, the same type of workouts, I am sure you will get some inspiration from today's guest on Episode 6 – Calum Neff.

Calum is in the middle of a crazy running year that includes a world record in the Half-marathon while pushing a stroller. A week of races that included an indoor marathon, a timed race is based on an LP vinyl record speed, LP 33-1/3, and then a 50k trail run. This is all leading up to his third time running the Wings for Life World Run.

He likes trying new things and finding different ways to do the things he loves. He believes that it is this unique perspective that, one, led to more joy in running, and two, helps him find these insane event opportunities.

In our conversation, we talk about all these events, how he approached each one, and why he believes it is important to be a lifestyle athlete.

Enjoy Episode 6 with Calum Neff!




  • His journey from Canada to Houston
  • How the idea to break the World Record in the Stroller Half Marathon began.
  • Why it is important to include his family in his running.
  • Balancing Family, Work and Training.
  • Why he believes it is important to be a lifestyle athlete
  • Daily work habits and exercises he does to stay fit.



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