How I use Run Gum

I have been involved with the development of Nick Symmonds as an athlete since he was eighteen years old. I have seen him run some incredible races and some poor races. Over the course of twelve years together and hundreds of competitions, we have found that his best performances come directly after his best warm ups. 

Nick is a hard worker, but he cuts corners during his warm up. The groggy, sleepy feeling he complains about prior to a hard session or race seems to sap him of all energy. He used to try to counteract this with coffee or energy drinks. I can still recall him violently purging his stomach of these energy drinks for no less than 30 minutes after setting a new personal best in the 1500 meters one night. 

As a coach, I understood Nick's need for the stimulants to get him to the start line at the top of his game. I also knew there had to be a better way to fuel him. We developed Run Gum to perform as fast and as well as Nick does. We say that Run Gum was designed with the elite athlete in mind, but was created for anyone on the run, and let me tell you, this is so true. 

Many of you may not be able to relate to the kind of running that elite runners go through, but you might be able to relate to the incredibly demanding schedule of a parent. As the proud father of five children, my day is busy from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed. I don't like the taste of coffee or energy drinks, but like most other Americans, I need a pick-me-up from time to time. 

This was never so true as this past summer when two of my children moved from their homes in Oregon to southern California. I wanted to be a part of this transitional time in their lives and so twice I loaded up a car with their possessions and drove them south along I-5 for the thirteen hour trip. As a full time worker, these road trips had to take place after work, through the night. They would have been tough had it not been for Run Gum and its effective energy kick. Run Gum tastes good, but more importantly, it works! 

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