Olympian Nick Symmonds Announces the Launch of Run Gum™

Olympian Nick Symmonds Announces the Launch of Run Gum™
The track and field star introduces his new performance enhancing gum, the smarter caffeine kick for athletes.

Eugene, OR. October 14, 2014.

Nick Symmonds, a two-time Olympian and five-time U.S. 800m champion is proud to announce the launch of his new sport supplement company, Run Gum.  Started with his long-time coach, Sam Lapray, Run Gum is a compressed chewing gum designed to enhance an athlete’s performance with its proprietary formula of caffeine, taurine and b-vitamins.  The two came up with the product after years of research and experimentation on how to most efficiently fuel the body with caffeine.

Run Gum is Symmonds’ answer to the unwanted liquid or chews that typically need to be digested in order to get caffeine into the body prior to training or competition.  Utilizing chewing gum as the delivery vehicle, the supplements are absorbed through the lining of the cheeks and gums, allowing for faster absorption into the bloodstream.

“In my many years of competing and trying to find the best way to fuel my body before a workout or a race, I was never satisfied with traditional ways of introducing caffeine into the body,” explains Symmonds. “I either had to drink harsh liquids or digest unwanted food, never knowing when the benefits would kick in.  I sought to make a product that would respond quickly and allow me to better control the dosage. Utilizing my biochemistry background, I found that sublingual absorption is the most effective.”

Symmonds said he designed the product with elite athletes in mind, but that it has been created for anyone on the run. One piece of Run Gum contains 50 milligrams of caffeine, equivalent to a half cup of coffee or energy drink; as well as 20 milligrams of taurine and B6 and B12 vitamins.

“We believe we have a product that benefits every kind of athlete.  From the professional runner training for the Olympics or the busy mom just needing an extra boost of energy during her 30 minute jog after a long day,” said Symmonds.

Run Gum is being introduced in two delicious flavors, mint and fruit.  It ships in a box of twelve packs, each pack containing two pieces.  Both flavors of Run Gum are available online at getrungum.com, and will be available in sports retail stores nationwide soon.

Run Gum has a culture focused on inspiring and helping athletes reach their dreams. This is exemplified by their commitment to investing five cents of every pack sold to athlete sponsorship.

About Run Gum
Founded in the Summer of 2014, Run Gum is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon.  The company is a sport supplement brand selling functional gum and strives to help people enhance their performances in daily training and competition.

For more information, visit www.getrungum.com.

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