3 Questions to Ask Yourself at the End of the Year

3 Questions to Ask Yourself at the End of the Year

December has always been a very exciting month for me. The calendar year is ending, Christmas is here, New Year's Eve, and of course, my birthday falls on December 30th!!

As exciting as this month is, it can also be a bit overwhelming for me.

When we close out a calendar year, it is natural to look back and examine what we were able to accomplish in 365 days. We tend to do the same thing for our birthday. For me, the two coincide on almost the same day, and the feelings that rush over me are many.

First, I feel a sense of gratitude for having been alive on this planet for another year. Then I feel a sense of dread that I am one year closer to death (morbid, I know). Once I've got myself past those initial feelings I can take a deep breath and really think about the year that has passed and ask myself some important questions: 

  1. Did I grow as a person? 
  2. Did I challenge myself and learn something new? 
  3. Did I help people?
If I can answer yes to these three questions, then I can put a bow on that year and move onto the next.

For nearly two decades my job as a professional runner allowed me to put an unequivocal YES next to each of those questions. I grew physically and mentally stronger as a runner, doing so was challenging and my knowledge based increased every day I stepped on the track, and sometimes I was able to inspire people with my work ethic and the way I raced.

Similarly, as I look back on 2018 (my first year as a non-runner), I again find myself focusing on an endurance event to see a YES to my questions.

In June of this year, I did something I've always wanted to do, something very foreign to me that I knew would be a serious challenge both mentally and physically;

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Not only did I summit, but I made a movie about it in the process. This film titled Mile To Mountain Episode 1: Kilimanjaro is now available to watch - Click Here to Watch

Please take a few minutes (17 to be exact) to watch this short film. I hope that you find it inspiring, that it encourages you to set your own goals and push your own limits.

If I can do so, then I can say YES, I helped someone in 2018.

On to 2019,
Nick Symmonds
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