Meet the #RunUSA Team

As promised from our press release on June 9 (Athlete Support at 2015 USATF), we have selected a team of athletes competing this week at the 2015 USATF Outdoor Championships to represent our brand.

 We are very fortunate to be working with these men and women from across the country. They will be competing in a variety of events and need your support! Please follow them on social media and cheer them on using the hashtag #RunUSA.

 The 2015 Run Gum #RunUSA Team:  

Alitta Boyd

Triple Jump (Friday 6:00pm)
Instagram: @Thugs.n.hugs


Allison Grace Morgan

10,000m (Thursday 7:35pm)
Twitter: @AllisonGMorgan6
Instagram: @ALFIEG701

Amanda Eccleston

1500m (Friday 5:55pm)
Twitter: @AmandaEcc

Chris Carter

Triple Jump (Sunday 12.10pm)
Twitter: @CarterCutz
Instagram: @CarterCuz

Elijha Owens

400m Hurdles (Friday 7:04pm)
Twitter: @Regular_Crew
Instagram: @_HeliJuice

Ellen Wortham

400m Hurdles (Friday 6:40pm)
Twitter: @EllenWortham

Geoff Davis

High Jump (Friday 5:40pm)

Jake Edwards

5,000m (Sunday 1:27pm)
Twitter: @jedwards1609 
Instagram: @jedwards706

James Harris

400m (Thursday 4:45pm)
Twitter: @under8ted_j
Instagram: @321_Boomer

Jeff Coover

Pole Vault (Saturday 11:40am)
Twitter: @JeffCoover
Instagram: @JCoover


Jordan Scott

Pole Vault (Saturday 11:40am)
Twitter: @jscottpolevault
Instagram: @jscottpolevault

Kurtis Brondyke

Decathlon (Thursday & Friday)
Twitter: @KurtisBrondyke
Instagram: @Kurtis.Brondyke

Liz Patterson

High Jump (Sunday 12:05pm)
Twitter: @Lizzzarrrd
Instagram: @lizp00

Mark Hollis

Pole Vault (Saturday 11:40am)
Twitter: @HollisPV
Instagram: @HollisPV

Nick Christie

20km Race Walk (Sunday 9:10am)
Twitter: @Nick_Christie89
Instagram: @Nick.S.Christie

Rebecca Addison

1500m (Friday 5:55pm)
Twitter: @baycaaddison 
Instagram: @beccaaddison

Tim Van Liew

Javelin (Thursday 3:00pm)
Twitter: @T_VanLiew 
Instagram: @t_vanliew

Will Leer

1500m (Thursday 6:45pm)
Twitter: @william_leer
Instagram: @williamleer

Katie Mackey

1500m (Friday 5:55pm)
Twitter: @katiefmackey
Instagram: @mackeykb

Jordan McNamara

1500m (Thursday 6:45pm)
Twitter: @jordanmcnamara
Instagram: @jordanmcnamara

Scott Houston

Pole Vault (Saturday 11:40am)
Twitter: @Scottyhous
Instagram: @Scottyhous

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