5 Reasons to Try Energy Gum Before Your Next Workout or Meeting

5 Reasons to Try Energy Gum Before Your Next Workout or Meeting

If you are like 90% of American's, you probably enjoy the boost you get from caffeine while you are at work or before a workout. Heck—it might even be an absolute necessity for you to function.

Now there are a lot of products to choose from when you need your caffeine fix. Coffee and energy drinks and the most popular and there is also energy shots, tea, gels, and various foods. All of these have one thing in common... you have to digest it and wait for 30-45 mins to get the boost.

That is why our founder, Olympic runner Nick Symmonds created an energy gum. If you have been interested in what energy gum and how it can help you—Here are 5 Reasons To Try Energy Gum Before Your Next Workout or Meeting

1. You'll Get a Faster Boost

When you chew, you get the active ingredients into your system through sublingual and buccal absorption. What is that? It is a faster delivery method utilizing the tissues in your mouth. Begin feeling the benefits within a few minutes with energy gum versus the 30-40 minutes it takes with drinks, shots or gels.

2. Avoid Filling Your Gut

Let's face it, whether heading on a run or running late for a meeting after lunch; you don't always want to fill your gut with more food and liquid just to get a boost. Energy Gum gives you the caffeine fix you desire without making your stomach feel like a bucket of water.

3. Chewing Gum Boosts Your Cognitive Function

Just the plain act of chewing gum has shown to be an effective boost in mental performance. Essentially, the process of chewing helps you be alert and focused on the task at hand whether that is being productive at work or driving through the night. Infuse caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins into the gum and you are on your way to maximize your performance.

4. On-The-Go & Versatile

Energy gum is lightweight and packaged conveniently so that you can take it wherever you go. It doesn't take up space in your bag, TSA won't take it away when you are traveling, and you don't have to worry spilling any liquid while at your desk.

5. Accomplish More Throughout the Day

At the end of the day, we are all looking to be more productive and end the day feeling like we accomplished everything we set out to do. Energy gum is a time-saving product that helps you have the boost you need to get everything done without the wait.

We created Run Gum because, as busy people, we needed an energy product that wouldn't slow us down. Purity Tested® for over 950 contaminants, experience the revolutionary boost from our energy gum today.

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