How To Get Active Recovery With Run Gum

For me, running isn't just a hobby or a job, it is a way of life. After spending the majority of my adulthood focused on training for the next big race, I find it very difficult to get through a day without running. Perhaps some of you can relate to this.

Running gives my life structure and a sense of purpose. Each day feels fuller and richer if I have completed the workouts set forth for me by my coach. So what is an athlete to do when their coach demands that they rest for a few weeks?

That is the situation I have found myself in for the last twenty days. With nothing on the calendar but the word "REST," I wake up each morning intimidated by the amount of free time at my disposal. 

I was taught early on in my career that "active recovery" is the best form of rest for most athletes. For me that means getting out and exploring my playground, the Pacific Northwest. I have been able to fill my days hanging out with family and friends, taking trips to hike, crab, climb, and fish. Our adventures have allowed me to continue to field test Run Gum in situations outside of training and to introduce our product to many new people. The positive feedback I have received from new Run Gum users and the variety of applications they have found for our performance enhancing gum have thrilled and inspired me. That inspiration has led to new ideas and a renewed focus on this incredible business of ours. I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing a new product this fall that I think you all will enjoy very much!

With one week left to go on my vacation, I am doing my best to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the downtime. Training for the 2016 Olympic Games begins September 14th. Before then, I have a couple more hikes and fishing trips planned, but as I lace my hiking boots or cast my line in the water, I am secretly thinking about the fresh pair of Brooks trainers and unopened boxes of Run Gum waiting for me at home!

What do you do for your "active recovery"? Let us know on Facebook! Love to hear what you do!

Founder's Blog.Nick Symmonds take on active recovery.

Posted by Run Gum on Monday, September 7, 2015

- Nick

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