Why I couldn't be happier about the start of October.

The 2016 Season Begins

October has finally arrived and I could not be happier about it. In the world of professional Track and Field, October usually marks the beginning of a new year. As summer turns to fall and the temperature begins to drop, we distance runners feel a touch of nostalgia as we are reminded of our youth, of days spent with the cross country team logging in long, character building miles. The familiar crunch of fallen leaves under my trainers as I begin to rebuild my mileage puts a smile on my face. True to form, the Brooks Beasts will be holding their first practice of the 2016 season on October 12th and I look forward to being reunited with my teammates. 

#RUNniversary Week

This October will be an especially enjoyable month for me because it marks the one year anniversary of Run Gum! On October 14, 2014 my long time friend and business partner, Coach Sam Lapray, and I took a big risk and decided to launch a new business. Over the course of the past year, with the help of some good friends and loyal supporters, we have transformed our wild idea into a profitable enterprise. We accomplished many of the goals that we had set for ourselves which included fueling and inspiring athletes around the world. We were even able to put cash into the pockets of hard working professional athletes. 

We always believed that the first twelve months would be the toughest and indeed it was a year full of challenges. However, our team persevered and along the way we learned a lot of important lessons. As we worked passed each obstacle, we gained knowledge that will help us as we continue to grow our business. Coach Sam and I have some VERY big plans for Run Gum's future and are reinvesting all of our profits back into the company. 

That being said, it wouldn't be much of an anniversary without presents! We wish to share some of our profits in the form of gifts to our loyal customers and will be celebrating our 1 year RUNniversary the entire week of October 11-17. Each day during this period we will be offering major discounts and giveaways to thank you for helping Run Gum get to where it is today. You can find out about our RUNniversary deals by following us on social media @RunGum and signing up for our newsletter by Clicking HERE!

Here is to hoping you all have something to be excited about in October!!


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