The Chain | November Edition of the Founder's Blog by Nick Symmmonds

The Chain | November Edition of the Founder's Blog by Nick Symmmonds

How Run Gum goes from manufacturing to packaging to distribution to your doorstep.

When I started blogging for Run Gum HQ, I promised to keep you informed on all things related to training, running politics, and entrepreneurial business. Today, I would like to touch on the business side of Run Gum and let you know exactly where your colorful energy packet has traveled before coming to rest next to your other workout essentials. 

We are very proud to say that every piece of the Run Gum machine operates on American soil. Our proprietary blend of performance enhancing stimulants are infused into pieces of compressed chewing gum at an east coast manufacturer. Once processed, thousands of power pellets travel across the Unites States to my home town of Boise, Idaho where they are packaged, two at a time, into brightly colored, single serving packets. 

Packets are then placed into 12-Packs trays and trays into cases of 24. The finished product is loaded onto pallets and shipped to our Run Gum distribution center in Eugene, Oregon. The ironic part about the national supply chain, is that as soon as the finished Run Gum comes to rest in our warehouse, it is immediately destined for another trip back across the USA. As retail and consumer orders roll in, Run Gum employees busily pack boxes. Fortunately, we have the most enthusiastic (caffeinated) employees around to fill orders!

The entire processes is a very complicated chain with many links that need to be checked and maintained frequently. It is the part of the business that most excites me. I have had the pleasure of touring the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution warehouses and can assure you that only the highest quality materials go into each packet of Run Gum. 

Recently I took a tour of our Boise, Idaho packaging facility to ensure that our newest flavor of Run Gum is ready to be packaged. After tasting this batch, I can say with absolute confidence that this new flavor is going to be your favorite.  I am excited to announce all club members will receive a 12-Pack of this new flavor FOR FREE as soon as it becomes available in the upcoming weeks.  If you are not yet a Run Gum Club member, I strongly encourage you to sign up to become one.

New Flavor Coming Soon!

As always, a huge thank you from all of us at Run Gum for supporting our business. I will continue to post updates on social media @nicksymmonds (Instagram / Twitter) and on this blog to ensure that you are able to come along for the ride with us we continue to grow and inspire more and more athletes to reach their potential and maximize their performance.

Happy Chewing,


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