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Do Runners Actually Have Skills? Nick Symmonds Answers The Question.

Outside Magazine asked the question, "Do runners actually have skills?" in a recent article on their website.

In a response to a commenter, writer Martin Huber brought up the long-talked debate about whether runners are skilled or just in shape.

Our very own Nick Symmonds was featured in the article and had this to say,

“It’s not an overtly obvious skill like throwing and catching a football–it’s a subtle skill like knee drive, or the way that someone keeps their foot dorsiflexed. 

Click Here To Read the Full Article via Outside Magazine

We believe anyone can improve their fitness and their performance and while fine motor skills aren't required to begin, muscle memory has to be ingrained into the body over years and years of practice. And that takes skills.

Remember, your performance matters. Whether in sport, the classroom or at work, continue learning improving your trade and skill.

Question: What do you think is more important for runners; fitness or skills? Share your answer on Facebook or Twitter.

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