Why We Are Excited About Our New Flavor. #CinnamonIsComing

Why We Are Excited About Our New Flavor. #CinnamonIsComing

After months of hard work, we are proud to announce that Cinnamon Run Gum is coming.

** UPDATE** Cinnamon has Landed!

I know this might not seem like a huge deal, (we already have two great flavors!), but to all of us at Run Gum, it is monumental. Please allow me to explain why the release of a new flavor is so important to us. 

A recent article by Forbes stated that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail in their first 18 months. When my long time friend and business partner, Sam Lapray, and I set out to create Run Gum, we knew this stat and knew that the odds were against us. But, we knew something else, something more important: we knew that above all, people matter and performance matters. 

Despite the published rate of failure, we truly believed that if we focused on these two things, people and performance, we could beat the odds. From day one, we dedicated all of our energy to creating the best product and putting people ahead of the bottom line. 

Close to 18 months after Coach Sam and I began work on Run Gum, we are proud to say that our business is not only surviving, but thriving. Thousands of people have tried Run Gum and have given us great feedback on how it has helped them to better their performances on and off the track; to run personal bests, to study harder, and to get more out of their days. Our long term goal at Run Gum is to one day fuel and inspire every single American. In order for us to do that, it is important to have a variety of flavors so that everyone can find at least one that they love. Though there was great cost and risk associated with creating a new flavor, we knew that doing so is an important step towards taking care of our customers. After much research and development we created, what is in my opinion, our best tasting Run Gum yet. If, perhaps, you have tired Run Gum in the past and did not enjoy the taste, I encourage you to give cinnamon a try. 

The launch of cinnamon was our way of showing that at Run Gum we are doubling down against the odds. We are doubling down on performance and people.


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