4 Resources to Help Maximize Your Performance in 2016

4 Resources to Help Maximize Your Performance in 2016

These four tools and resources will help you get on track and stay there as we begin 2016.

Can you believe 2015 is coming to an end!? If you are like us, this last week of 2015 is crucial for reflection, goal setting, resolution making.

We encourage to spend at least one-hour this week looking back and looking ahead. Maybe you have always wanted to run a marathon or triathlon. Maybe you have wanted to hike the Pacific Coast Trial. Perhaps you just want to get out the door everyday for a easy run. Or for some of you, it is starting a new career, getting a promotion or even starting a business of your own.

Whatever your dream may be, we believe your performance matters. To help you achieve your goals, we wanted to provide you with some resources that will clarify your vision, keep you accountable and of course give you the energy you need to see it to completion.

1) For those who need help keeping your resolutions.

30 Days of Hustle by Jon Acuff

Jon is a best selling author and blogger with huge following and influence helping brands such as Home Depot, Bose and Staples. The 30 Days of Hustle is a challenge that helps you focus on your goal with the support and tools you need to see them through. Enrollment ends this week and it begins on January 4th.

2) For those who want to run more miles.

Run The Year 2016

If you are looking to for something big, how about running or walking 2016 miles in 2016? Run The Year is a challenge and a community that will guide you through getting in 2016 miles over the course of the entire year with mileage tracker, training plans, advice and giveaways.

3) For those who want to start their own business or blog.

Startup Camp by Dale Partridge

Have you always wanted to start up your own business or blog, but hadn’t the resources or knowledge how to do it? Startup Camp is a 12-month curriculum that provides you with the tools and guidance to launch, grow and maintain your startup.

I just finished the course with Dale and can honestly say that the content you get out of this is so valuable. A lot of our first year success here at Run Gum is directly from the insight and wisdom we got from this course.

4) And of course… For those who will need an extra boost during all your hustling in 2016.

Run Gum Club

As mentioned above, we believe your performance matters and hope that whatever your dreams may be 2016, you are able achieve them. We want a resource for you by helping your maximize your performance and by creating products that give you the energy to dominate 2016.

Becoming a member of the Club gets you your favorite flavor of Run Gum delivered to your doorstep every month with 10% Off retail and free shipping. You also get a monthly #HowWeRun sticker and are able to join other members on a quarterly Q&A call with our athletes and founders. We also send out an annual gift for those who have been a member for a entire year.

Remember this:
“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the power of the human spirit. The potential for greatness lives with each of us.” - Wilma Rudolph
Have a fantastic last week of 2015. We hope you get time to reflect this past year and to plan on how you will have your best year ever in 2016.

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