Announcing our New Podcast Starting Tomorrow with Nick Symmonds

Announcing our New Podcast Starting Tomorrow with Nick Symmonds

The Performance Matters Podcast will interview athletes, coaches and entrepreneurs.

Starting Friday, we are pumped to announce that we will be launching a new podcast series called the Performance Matters Podcast.  Our hope is that through stories and interviews of elite athletes, influential celebrities and incredible entrepreneurs, we can help you maximize your performance in sport and in life.  

The show will be hosted by our Chief of Stuff, Nathan Woods, who already has his stand-up paddle focused podcast called the Keep Standing Podcast and will be delivering 2-3 new episodes per month.

We are getting started with our very own co-founder Nick Symmonds as he gears up for his third Olympic year, all while steering the ship here at Run Gum, advocating for athletes rights & getting in his typical fishing trips and mountain summits.

Other guests on tap are 2015 1500m Bronze Medalist, Emily Infeld, Coach Sam Lapray, Lauren Fleshman, Sally Oiselle.

The podcast will be available on our website, iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud.  Be sure to subscribe & of course sign up for email updates about new shows and other updates.

We truly believe you matter and that your performance matters and our hope is that this podcast will give you tips and tricks, as well as, inspire you to pursue your dreams and reach your optimal performance.
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