How Prioritizing Your Goals and Dreams in 2016 Will Lead to Success with Nick Symmonds

How Prioritizing Your Goals and Dreams in 2016 Will Lead to Success with Nick Symmonds

Find out why Nick Symmonds is on fire for 2016 and making his third Olympic Team.

Welcome to the brand new podcast with a new format and a new focus. We believe your performance matters and want to bring you a show that provides you with tips and tricks to maximize your performance in sport and life.

With Episode 1, we get our co-founder, Nick Symmonds, on the line to talk about what he is up to as we turn the page onto 2016 and how he is prioritizing his goals. Nick lets us know why it is important for him to daily track what he is prioritizing and why could be important for you.  We also get into what it will be like going after his third Olympic team later this year and why it is important for him to be support athletes and make sure they earn a higher pay.

We also find out what it will take to make his third Olympic team and how it will be different than his first Olympic team in 2008.

Nick is passionate and on fire right now for 2016 and you feel it during this episode.

Enjoy the insightful conversation with Olympian Nick Symmonds in Episode 1.



"Make your number one priority the first thing that gets done in the morning." Tweet It.


  • When Nick knew realized he had potential as a runner. It is later than you think.
  • Nick's career path had he not became a professional runner.
  • His important relationship with Run Gum Co-Founder, Sam Lapray.
  • What started Nick on the path to fight for athletes rights.
  • What he does every morning to make sure he has his priorities are in line.
  • The plan to summit the highest mountains of every continent after he hangs out the spikes.
  • What he leaves behind on top of his summit climbs.



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