Why Kyle Merber Believes All You Need to Do is Eat, Sleep and...Tweet

Why Kyle Merber Believes All You Need to Do is Eat, Sleep and...Tweet

In Episode 2, Kyle Merber talks about injuries, Hoka One One, social media and Waffle House. 

Pro Miler, Kyle Merber on the importance of social media and he calls out Nick Symmonds

Today's guest is more than likely your favorite runner's favorite runner. Kyle Merber is one of the top milers for the U.S. out of New York and although he is one of the sports funny guys on social media, we go into some deeper aspects of his life.

In this 30 minute interview, join us as we not only talk about Kyle's view on setbacks and how to respond with life doesn't go exactly as planned, but also Kyle's go to post workout meal and his two most important habits that allows him to be successful.

Oh and he also calls out Nick Symmonds.

Enjoy Episode 2 with Kyle Merber.



“It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”  - Epictetus Tweet It.


  • Kyle's plans for 2016 and how he won't be excited about making the finals at the Trials.
  • How is studies of philosophy have shaped his outlook on life.
  • His experience with being part of a World Record DMR Team.
  • Starting his own event in Long Island.
  • What excites him about his sponsor Hoka One One.
  • His preference of shorts or half-tights while running.
  • His take on the importance of social media for athletes.
  • His go to meal at Waffle house.
  • Two habits that help him maximize his performance on a daily basis.



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