The Importance of Keeping Focused on The Main Things with Phoebe Wright

The Importance of Keeping Focused on The Main Things with Phoebe Wright

In Episode 3, Phoebe Wright discusses dealing with anxiety from focusing on details, keeping a journal and her interesting experience with TSA

Phoebe Wright is an elite 800m runner with Nike and is currently based out of Seattle, where she trains with the Brooks Beasts Track Club. She hails from the state of Tennessee and was a 5x NCAA while attending the University of Tennessee. Phoebe is also the newest member of Team Run Gum!!

In this episode, we go into depth about the struggles she had when focusing on the little details instead of the bigger picture and how this year she is only worried about her two main things; her mindset, and the work she has put in the last few months.

If you are like me, you often let the little things control your life, which is why you spend some time and listen to how Phoebe is breaking this habit and what she does on a daily basis to stay focused.

Enjoy Episode 3 with Phoebe Wright



“Being focused is a practiced skill.”  - Phoebe Wright  Tweet It.


  • How she preparing for the chance to be at the 2016 IAAF World Indoors.
  • Why hitting rock bottom was the turning point to changing her mindset.
  • Why becoming apathetic has led to a renewed joy in running.
  • What an adaptable perfectionist is according to Phoebe.
  • Why personal hygiene compares to stress and anxiety. 
  • Where Phoebe likes to spend her pre-race... (Hint: It is where you and I do another kind of business)
  • Why flossing is like preparing for a race.
  • What the 90% Rule Is.
  • Her daily routine & why keeping a journal allows her to maximize her performance.



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