The Art of Getting Sponsored with Brooks' Jesse Williams

The Art of Getting Sponsored with Brooks' Jesse Williams

In Episode 4, the Head of Brooks Running's Sports Marketing talks about the importance of sponsorship and what they look for in athletes.

Jesse Williams of Brooks Running on the Performance Matters Podcast with Nathan Woods

Are you a high school or collegiate athlete? Maybe you just are post college and are looking to continue to complete. Or perhaps you are a week warrior wanting to become an ambassador for one of your favorite brands.

One of the keys to a successful athletic career is through the partnerships with likeminded brands that can invest in you and your dreams.

But how do you get sponsored?

Yes – obviously talent is vital. You got to have speed or hops or strength or the ability to hit a 3-point jumper or the skills to surf the big waves. But that is not all. 

In our conversation with Jesse Williams, we get into what companies look for in athletes that they sponsor or are looking to sponsor.  He also gives us the unique perspective he has on it and how Brooks does it a little bit differently.

Jesse is the Head of Sports Marketing for Brooks Running based in Seattle Washington, which when he started at Brooks was a department that didn't even exist.  I think you wil be refreshed to hear what is important for Jesse with the type of relationships he want to have with the athletes and events that they partner with at Brooks.

Enjoy Episode 4 with Jesse Williams



  • His start with Brooks and how he got into his role as the head of Sport Marketing.
  • What a day looks like for someone in charge of a large apparel's brand sponsorship & events.
  • The unique way Brooks approaches sponsorship and how it looks during an Olympic Year.
  • Why its the personal relationships with the athletes that get him excited about sponsorship.
  • Two things beyond talent you should be focused on if you want to be sponsored.
  • Jesse loves his Sleep!
  • Jesse loves to Run!
  • And why surrounding himself with people he truly enjoys is the most important thing he has done to maximize his daily performance.





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