34 Goals From People Just Like You

34 Goals From People Just Like You

We are a little more than halfway into January of the new year. Remember a few weeks ago when we all had our New Year Resolutions fresh in our minds. Think back to the excitement, anxiousness, perhaps vigor you felt as you looked ahead to 2017 and what you hoped to achieve. At this point in the month, you have probably heard someone at one point or another say, “I already broke my resolution, but that’s ok cause everyone else has.” To that, I only have one thing to say. WRONG.

There are countless people who have not broken their New Year Resolutions yet! And to those of you who have, I say there is still plenty of time to achieve your goals for the year. After all, your resolution is really just a goal you set for yourself. As we shared in our 5 Key Steps To Achieving Any Goal + the #BuildThePath Worksheet, your goal “can be ANYTHING, but make sure it is big and make sure it is something you are really passionate about.”

As you go forward and #BuildThePath to achieving your goals this year, be mindful of what your end goals are and what steps you may need to take along the way.

To keep you inspired to reach your goals, or maybe help you think of what your goals are for 2017, we reached out to our awesome Run Squad Ambassadors and asked them to share what their goals are for this year.


  • Elena Dyachkova (pictured above) - I want to run a sub-6:30 mile and a sub-3 800m. Pretty ambitious for me, especially coming off of a marathon training season with some niggles still bothering me, but I'll be doing some structured and dedicated middle distance training for the first time in my life, so hoping for the best! :)
  • Taylor Overmiller - Learn flips and run 400 meters in under 50 seconds.
  • Allison Reaser - Break 6000 Points in the Heptathlon, make the 2017 World Championship Team, and become the Best Ambassador for Run Gum that I can be.
  • Donald Scott  - Win a USA indoor title. Place top 3 at the USA outdoor championships and make the London USA team. Win a world title.
  • Melinda Reiner - Qualify for 800 meter finals (in my age group) and make the podium at Nationals in June!
  • Alexina Wilson - Qualify for the Steeplechase final at Outdoor US Champs.
  • Bryan McBride - My goal is to make it to the World Championships this year in London. I finished 4th this past Olympic Trials and was a High Jump alternate for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games this past year and to be so close to achieving your goals and come up short was a hard pill to swallow.
  • Shayna Half - Qualify to run at the Jesse Owens Track Classic at Ohio State in April.
  • Kinsey Gomez - Qualify for the USA Outdoor Track Championships or the Canadian Outdoor Track Championships in the 10,000m. Break 32:30 in the 10,000m. PR in the 10k on the roads.

  • Scott Houston (pictured) - I am looking to finish top 2 at indoor nationals and top 3 at outdoor nationals to make the world championship team in London. I don't just want to make the world championships, I want to compete for a top 6 finish at the World Championships in London to begin an international career.

Road Racing:

  • Michael Lucero - One of my goals is to consistently end up on the podium during my races. Secondly to PR in everything from the 5k to the half marathon. Then lastly get accepted into a doctorate in education program by the end of this year!
  • Hillary Reilly - To run more miles than I ran in 2016, and to speed up my 5K time!
  • Calum Neff - Step out of my comfort zone with some new race distances, locations, and formats which will include a 5 day, 230km, stage race through the Amazon and a 110km ultra-marathon through the unique landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey. The ultra will set me up well for some goals beyond 2017 of Western States 100 miler and Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. I will also look at putting my girls side-by-side in attempt of some more Guinness World Records, this time with the double stroller as we continue to share with the world what running and family means to us.
  • Charlene Ragsdale - To remain healthy and PR in the 5k.
  • Sharon Hanks - My goals for 2017 are to PR in the half marathon and full marathon distance. I also hope to hike/backpack more miles this year with the fam.
  • Genice Rill - Train better for a half marathon PR.

  • Colton Wooldridge (pictured) -1:10 Half Marathon, 4:24 Road Mile, start a race timing company by June.
  • Danny Inman - 35 or more races for 2017. The biggest thing for me is to stay injury free, and increase my overall strength this year. I also plan to put less pressure on myself, and have more fun going to the next level!


  • Heather Smith (pictured) - I will be having my first child in early April of 2017, so my main goal for 2017 is to make a comeback to running and racing. My ultimate goal is to run a full-marathon before the baby turns one, but being a brand-new working mom that goal is still just hanging out in the back of my mind.
  • Chris McBratney - This year, I start my quest for a solid BQ for 2020, with some room to spare. That's my BIG goal. So...I've got a few incremental goals that will be "stepping stones" to get me on the right path. Time to start enjoying the pain, because I'll be earning it!
  • Brian Schneider - Set a Marathon PR at Boston 2017. Run an annual PR of 2,000 miles. Help athletes with their medical problems. Inspire people to find their own way of enjoying being active on a daily basis!

Ultra Running:

  • Ali Schanhofer - Laugh a ton, have more fun than should be legally possible, and complete my 1st 100k (Marquette Trail).
  • Robert McMillan - Complete my first trail ultramarathon, inspire at least three other people to take up running and/or be more active.
  • Michael Olzinski - Have a successful training program and completion of my first 50-mile run. Determine what kind of runner I want to be for the next 5 years. Sign 1 athletic sponsorship contract before 2019.
  • Sean Olson - My big goal for 2017 is first place overall with a sub 18 hour time at the antelope island Buffalo run.


  • Kristin Tetrault -Complete the USATF-NE Mountain series, PR in the marathon, compete in US Nationals in triathlon, PR in 5k, focus more on strength, find a balance between being a coach, a teacher, a wife, a mother, a friend, and teammate.  


    • Derek Rubis - to be a beast like Nick Symmonds in the weight room.
    • Joe Mineo - Be more productive, run more consistently and make the most out of the opportunities thrown my way. Oh, and maybe set some fast PR's along the way, too. That'd be cool.

    • Armando Negrete - Be the FASTEST, FITTEST, Public Safety/911 DISPATCHER in California!
    • Amanda Perri - My local running club has a USATF racing team, and my goal is to make the qualifying standard to become a member of that racing team.
    • Kyler Wilson - I plan on traveling more and running races in new cities.  I will also be supporting my girlfriend in her new paramotoring endeavor and being her ground crew for events.
    • Craig Halverson - My biggest goals for 2017 are to run longer, faster, and have fun doing it with Run Gum.  I want to run in more states, PR my marathon time, run an ultra, and try for an award in every race
    • Jeff (Madrunner) Madiro (pictured) - My goals are simple enjoy every stride I make in 2017! Become a more efficient and educated runner so I am able to run smart and healthy for years to come. Plus getting some medals along the way is always an added bonus.
    • Jake Willard - Improve my photography by taking at least one picture a day and posting it to Instagram (@jwillphotography). Run my first marathon. Make being a Run Gum Ambassador the most fun and engaging experience.
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