Bullseye — Run Gum Launches In Target

Bullseye — Run Gum Launches In Target

In the fall of 2014, we launched a company with two goals; to fuel and inspire people to make the most of their busy days. We aspired to create products that would help people maximize their performance, and we wanted to have a brand that could encourage people to Run The Day.

Since then—nearly four years ago—Run Gum has gone on to fuel and inspire MILLIONS of people. We are sold in nearly 3,000 stores, and have established ourselves as a leader in the functional chewing gum industry.

However, as we move into our 5th year of business, we aren't content.

We want to continue to help people accomplish more every day, we want to create more jobs for hardworking people, and we want to provide more convenient options for people to get their Run Gum.

Thanks to one of America’s biggest and best retailers we can now do just that.
Run Gum Now It Target
I am pleased to announce that you can now find Run Gum on Target shelves NATIONWIDE!

I would be kidding myself if I were to say a partnership with a retailer like Target was anything more than a wish when we started this company. Target is a premier retailer known for bringing on new and innovative brands, for an entrepreneur like myself, they are a dream partner!

Here at Run Gum HQ, we have been talking for months about how this launch into Target is a great way for us to take our company to the places we strive to go. But we only get one shot.

It is kind of like the final sprint of a race, you get one chance to make your move. If you followed my running career, then you know this is my favorite place to be!

So What Does This Mean — for our fans, customers, retailers, and stakeholders

1) That you are awesome.

Run Gum never would have been on Target's radar, let alone their shelves, if it wasn't for the Run Gum Community.

Without a doubt, your loyalty and support have helped to make this happen. So thank you!!

2) We are just getting started

Getting into Target is one thing, being successful in Target is a whole new challenge and opportunity.

Whether you have been a customer of ours from day one or are just learning about our company, my ask is simple: PLEASE head to your local Target and buy a pack or two of Run Gum. You will find our original Mint Energy Gum in the Sporting Goods aisle next to some of your other favorite sports nutrition products.

When you do, please post a photo with hashtag #RunGumXTarget.

On behalf of everyone here at Run Gum, a heartfelt THANK YOU for supporting our company. We will see you at Target!!

And don’t forget, Run Gum will be celebrating its 4th birthday on October 14th. Another blog on that monumental occasion next Monday!
Run The Day,
Nick Symmonds
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