Changes To Run Gum Pricing

Changes To Run Gum Pricing

Get free shipping on all orders of energy gum.

A lot has happened in the last two years.  My Coach and I launched a product in an industry we had no prior experience. With the help of some very talented people, we figured out how to market it and partnered with some amazing retail partners. Run Gum has sponsored athletes and started our Ambassador program. We as a company have been truly inspired by an amazing community of fans and loyal customers.  

We have also learned a lot along the way from both expected and unexpected growing pains. One of those areas is how we price Run Gum so that it is fair and affordable for everyone who wants to purchase it.

Which is why, beginning today, the price for a 12-pack of our energy gum will change.

But please allow me to start with this... Run Gum now offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed at!!!

Ok, so maybe three exclamation points is overdoing it. Especially when you notice that the cost for a 12-pack is now slightly higher. BUT, before my fellow Run Gum addicts fill up my Twitter feed, please allow me to explain.

For two years, customers have been able to purchase our performance enhancing chewing gum at and At both sites, the advertised price for a 12-pack of Run Gum was $18. You went to checkout, giddy at the thought of boosting your performance one chew at a time, but then you were hit with the shipping and handling costs. These added costs frequently brought the total to nearly $23.

Rather than blindside our customers with shipping and handling charges, we have decided to bake it all into the cake. Run Gum is now available in three great flavors at the cost of $22.49 for a box of 12 packs and shipping is always free. So really - not much of a price change at all.

Still Want to Pay Less for Run Gum?
Want the most affordable way to Run Gum to your doorstep? Becoming a member of the Run Gum Club is the answer for you! Membership not only gives you huge price reductions on Run Gum but also provides you with many perks like free gifts and monthly live Q&A sessions with my Run Gum co-founder, Sam Lapray and myself.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey with us. There have been some growing pains along the way, but Sam, myself and the rest of the Run Gum crew are determined to continue fueling and inspiring athletes around the world because we truly believe that People Matter & Performance Matters.

Your friend in running,
Nick Symmonds

FAQ About Pricing Change (November 2016)

Why did the price of Run Gum change?
It really hasn’t changed once you add in shipping and handling. We are now just listing it at a price that will be the same across all our sales channels.  No matter if you buy it from us online or one of our amazing retailers.  We have learned a lot about this industry and fee wrapping the cost of Run Gum and the shipping and handling into one will be clearer for everyone.

I am a current Run Gum Club member, will my price change?
No. If you are currently a member of the Run Gum Club and subscribe to our monthly program, you will be locked into your current pricing as long as you stay active. If for some reason you cancel and then come back, you will be buying at the new rate.

Do these changes affect Wholesale and Business Partners?
No. Wholesale prices remain mostly unchanged. Please contact to become a Run Gum retailer today!
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