Christian Bowman, Private Chef to NBA All-Stars - The Power of Commitment and Pursuing Your Dreams  - 021

Christian Bowman, Private Chef to NBA All-Stars - The Power of Commitment and Pursuing Your Dreams - 021

"If you really want something you're going to go after it no matter what."

There Are No Limits To Achieving Your Dreams

Christian Bowman, commonly known as “Chef Cbo,” isn’t your typical chef. He’s the private chef of four-time NBA All-Star, Jimmy Butler.

Chef Cbo’s story to becoming a private chef represents faith, persistence, and good fortune.  He started cooking at the age of 12 as he started following his mother while she cooked in the family kitchen and having an uncle who liked to cook led him to cultivate a passion for cooking at an early age.  He then enrolled in culinary class during his senior year of high school, after graduating he began to take cooking very seriously.

Eager to take a leap of faith to cook professionally, Chef Cbo juggled two jobs before becoming a private chef. To showcase his cooking skills, the social media savvy chef regularly posted pictures of his cooking dishes on his Instagram account (@ChefCbo). One day, Jimmy Butler’s personal trainer came across Chef Cbo’s Instagram account. Butler’s trainer sent a message about the opportunity to cook for the All-Star forward, who was visiting Los Angeles for a couple of days. Chef Cbo agreed.

Before the start of this past NBA season, Butler offered him a job to become his private chef and move into Butler’s Minnesota residence. Chef Cbo agreed, and moved from Los Angeles to Minnesota to help Butler meet his nutritional needs. He works closely with Butler’s personal trainer in crafting in-season goals that satisfy Butler’s calorie intake. In particular, Butler’s calorie intake varied throughout the season, so Bowman tried to cook creative meals meeting his needs as he rehabbed from injury for part of the season.

Chef Cbo has also cooked for NBA MVP Russell Westbrook and five-time NBA All-Star, Kyrie Irving.  He continues to fuel top athletes so that they can perform at the highest level.

In this episode, Nick talks with Chef Cbo about his story, what led him to become a chef and what it's like fueling the top athletes in the NBA.

Learn all about Chef Cbo and what's next for him.



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