Engage and Win Swag with #BoosterClub on Instagram

Engage and Win Swag with #BoosterClub on Instagram

When we launched our company in 2014, we focused a lot of our marketing on Instagram. It was still super hot and it allowed us to tell our story.

It is still our favorite place to engage and connect with our community...which is why we are doubling down on it.

We want to reward our most engaged and hardcore fans in the community as a way to say thank you for your attention and support.


We love giveaways. In the past, we had the #Run60club where we gave away free products & we constantly look to collab with brands to offer other great products.

Giveaways ranged from free gum, apparel, private Q&A’s with our CEO, to other brands products, all the way to trips around the United States and to our HQ here in Eugene, Oregon.

And starting now — this is going to happen with every Instagram Post for an entire year.

Here are some things we plan on giving away:

Of course Run Gum… Lots and Lots of Run Gum
Headbands and Hats
Private DM calls with Nick Symmonds
Random swag and gear from other brands

Plus any hot items that we find throughout the year.


You can become eligible to win by liking and commenting on our Instagram post within the first couple of minutes after we post it (The faster you get in to post the better your chance is to win). And be sure to add the hashtag #BoosterClub in your comment.

One lucky winner from each post will win an awesome prize and your account will even be featured by our stories.

One thing we recommend is to Turn Notifications On for our Instagram so you never miss a post.


Actually—you really need to set up Instagram Notifications. :)

That is all you need to do to become part of our Instagram #BoosterClub.

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