[Goal Worksheet] 5 Steps To Achieving Any Goal

[Goal Worksheet] 5 Steps To Achieving Any Goal


5 Steps to Achieving Any Goal by Nick Symmonds

If you saw last weeks blog from CEO Nick Symmonds, you would have read that he is setting a lofty goal in 2017. Before he retires from the sport at the end of the year, he is set on qualifying for this year's Track and Field World Championships in London.

Did you start the new year with a big goal in mind? Or perhaps many goals?

It is easy to create a goal and hope that it will happen. It is much harder and takes more discipline to put the necessary plan together to make the goal a reality.

Nick has used the same five-step process throughout his career. For two decades, this process has allowed him to become an Eagle Scout, a 2x Olympian and launch several businesses, including Run Gum!

Now he wants to share them with you!

Click To Download Nick's 5 Steps To Achieving Any Goal + the Build The Path Worksheet.

The success of your goal comes down to how you plan. Everyone has heard the old saying, "A goal without a plan is just a wish." That is why we wanted to share this resource with you. To help you Build The Path to achieving your goals in 2017.

It starts with choosing a BIG goal and is followed by four key things you must do to begin the pursuit. 

  1. Pick a goal

    "The biggest goal I ever set for myself was making the 2008 Olympic Team."

  2. Write It Down 

    "Put it somewhere highly visible. Next to your bed, on the bathroom mirror, on the dash of your car, it doesn't matter where but make sure you see it every single day."

  3. Know Your Why

    "Over the last, twenty years my motivation to set running goals has changed a dozen times, but there has always been an important reason WHY I set them."

  4. Tell Someone

    "It is easy to want something. It’s even easy to write that desire down on a piece of paper. It is MUCH harder to tell someone about it."

  5. Build The Path

    "You need a path to get your from here to there, and you need signs to help you find that path even when it becomes hard to see."

The truth is, I will do everything I can to achieve the goal, but the real joy is in the pursuit of it. - Nick Symmonds

Also in the free resource, is a copy of Nick's completed Build The Path Worksheet. This will allow you to see what his 2017 goal is and to provide you with an example when filling out your own.

Whether you are trying to win gold, run your first marathon, climb Everest or read a book a month, it starts with the plan. 

Good luck this year. We are rooting for you. Now Build The Path!


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