How Does Your Body Absorb Caffeine

How Does Your Body Absorb Caffeine

The ingredients of Run Gum are one of its biggest draws, promising an energy boost of caffeine, B vitamins, and Taurine to help you run your day. The other huge benefit for energy in the form of gum is the delivery system itself! Run Gum’s ingredients absorb up to 5x faster than liquid energy; delivering a powerful punch in record time. The reasons for this speedy delivery are two fancy sounding words: Sublingual and Buccal Absorption.

Did you know that the most common form of this kind of delivery is through medicine? That’s right, doctors will actually prescribe medicine in this form specifically so you can get the medication quicker into your bloodstream (if the doctors say it’s true, it must be accurate). 

Your cheek area and under the tongue have many capillaries (a network of blood cells basically), this is where medicine/supplements can be absorbed through your bloodstream, without it going through your digestive system. 

A few advantages of this method: 

  1. The speed of delivery. I know we’ve talked about it many times before, but seriously, the caffeine will kick in almost instantly as compared to waiting around 30+ minutes for it to take time to go through your digestive system and feel the effects. 
  2. The amount of caffeine to get the same effect. Whenever you get product through this method (through your blood vessels) you get the full dosage amount. Whenever it goes through your digestive system and your liver, you actually don’t get the full amounts of caffeine (or medicine, or supplements). 
  3. Just the ease of use. All you need to do is chew some gum, instead of taking a drink or a shot of energy. You can spit the gum out after a few minutes, have energy and Run The Day Your Way!

The best part of it all? Our caffeinated gum is not just for runners. Yes, “Run” is in our name, but we’re for everyday grab some Run Gum today and Run The Day! 

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