How Tara Warren Finished 2nd in the Bighorn 100 with a Broken Rib

How Tara Warren Finished 2nd in the Bighorn 100 with a Broken Rib

Meet Tara Warren, a fiercely determined and passionate runner who despite having a broken rib managed to finish 2nd in the Bighorn 100. The Bighorn 100 is an arduous 100 mile race/run through the Bighorn Mountains.

She was at mile 12 running full-speed down-hill when she fell. Hard. Despite being bloodied and bruised Warren quickly got up and continued running. Her breathing got harder and she became concerned about a constant popping sound in her torso. Warren knew something was seriously wrong. Not having time to think about whether or not she was okay, she gave herself no choice but to keep on running. And so for the next 88 miles, Warren ran.

Midway through the race when Warren was hurting physically and mentally, she did what she always did in tough times, she called upon the strength and courage that her mother had always instilled upon her. Sadly, her mother passed away from ALS. As Tara watched her mom succumb to the debilitating disease she learned what it meant to stay strong and persevere even when things get tough. These lessons fuel Tara when she finds herself in difficult and challenging times.

“When her speech left, she couldn't use her arms, and we had a board with the alphabet on it and we’d have to move our fingers through each letter and shed blink her eyes to spell words. Those were the times I look back on. She was patient, she wouldn't give up.”-Warren

Constantly pushing beyond barriers takes relentless training. When she’s running these 100 mile races she turns to Run Gum to help her stay alert and give her an added boost which allows her the energy and stamina to press forward. 

“Extra strength run gum at two in the morning, that’s a real thing. You don't want any of that extra liquid in your stomach from soda or coffee or even gels. Lingual absorption is a real thing. It's a game changer.”-Warren

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