How to Prepare for the Unexpected

How to Prepare for the Unexpected

Good preparation means expecting the unexpected. But what does that look like?

In the case of unexpected expenses, this could be when your car breaks down randomly on a Tuesday, you had already saved up for it or when you unexpectedly need a root canal, you have the funds to pay it.

Now, this is not a blog about unwanted expenses, but we will talk about how you can prepare for the things in life that you don’t see coming.

Whether preparing for a big race, going on a multi-day hike, or building a business, it is almost guaranteed something unplanned will happen. The outcome, however, will be a result of how you prepared. 

There are three things that can help you prepare for the unexpected; asking yourself the “What if” questions, choosing to live a resilient life, and continually embracing positivity.

Are you asking What if?

There are those times in life where everything seems to be going great and then there are other times where things occur, and life can feel shaky. Proper and effective planning in being prepared must take into evaluation the “What if’s” that may happen.

Now I’m not saying, don’t go out there, be spontaneous and live fully alive. We’re talking about those life-changing moments, that could change everything. When you strategically think about the unexpected before it happens you’re preparing your mind for the future. Focusing on the unpredictably creates boundaries around the things that may come into the picture.

By mentally preparing the “What If’s” there’s still a choice in how we react to the unexpected things in life. The one quality that separates someone who’s prepared from someone who isn’t is seeing how they respond to their circumstances. Resilience is what will give you confidence and security during the unpredictable, difficult moments of life. The way that you choose to bounce back from life-altering circumstances will provide you with an advantage in life.

How Tough Are You?

When you prepare for the unexpected by asking yourself the “What If” questions you’re preparing to be resilient given any of the circumstances to come.

The definition of Resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” To recover quickly, you have mentally prepared yourself for the future by asking the important questions while also choosing to live a life of action that catapults you into the future. This doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the pain or hardship during stressful times it means that you’re choosing not to let your circumstances hold you back from what’s ahead.

Embracing Positivity

Looking at life from a positive point of view can be difficult when life hits you with the unexpected. Surrounding yourself with others’ that are positive in all circumstances will help you overcome your difficult times. Positivity also comes from a healthy mental state of mind. It’s important to make sure that you are getting proper exercise, rest, water, and having fun! Do things in life that are going to make you happy and excite you, this will mentally prepare you for positivity during the hardships.

Living a life that prepares for the unexpected is being realistic about the “What if’s” that could be expected on your journey, choosing to be resilient during the difficult times, and always leaning into positivity. The adversity that you face is part of your story, embrace the beauty in the difficult times. Your story of overcoming the unexpected could be the exact thing that gets someone else through their hardship.

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