Introducing Calm Gum, a functional gum to help support everyday stress and anxiety.

Introducing Calm Gum, a functional gum to help support everyday stress and anxiety.


EUGENE, Oregon (April 7, 2020) Run Gum—the Oregon-based functional gum company founded by 2x Olympian Nick Symmonds, along with his coach Sam Lapray—this week announced the release of the brand’s newest line of gum with benefits—Run Gum Calm with GABA, Ashwagandha root and L-theanine to help manage everyday symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

Run Gum Calm is the third function for the brand that launched with its flagship product, Energy Gum in the fall of 2014. Coming off the successful launch of Immunity Gum in November 2020, Symmonds wanted to create a third product line that would align with the companies mission to help busy people get the most out of every day.

“It all starts with our team and looking at the products we use every day and then it expands to surveying our customers and talking our retail buyers,” says Symmonds. “With stress and anxiety levels at an all-time high, we set out to answer the needs of our team and customers by combining clinically proven ingredients with the stress-reducing benefits of chewing gum.”

Recent studies have shown that just the act of chewing gum has shown to impact everyday stress and anxiety. A study presented at the International Congress of Behavioral Medicine found chewing gum helped “relieve anxiety, improve alertness and reduce stress” among participants. Gum chewing helped mildly-stressed individuals reduce their reported anxiety by nearly 17 percent. 

In an online research study published in the journal Current Medical Research and Opinion, over half the participants reported that chewing gum significantly lowered their stress levels.

The study authors write that, “particular stress-specific emotions (e.g., not feeling relaxed, feeling tense) were reported to have significantly increased when participants abstained from chewing gum and to have decreased when they chewed.” 

Run Gum Calm brings the time-tested, science-backed benefits of chewing gum into the modern age. Formulated with calming ingredients like Ashwagandha, GABA, and L-Theanine, Run Gum Calm enhances the soothing effects of traditional chewing gum.

“This past year showed us all the importance of self-care and how our busy lifestyles are what often lead to everyday stress and anxiety,” says Symmonds. “And whether you are an athlete, a student, or just a hard-working 8-5er, allowing anxiety to run our lives can prevent us from living at our full potential. Run Gum Calm is a new way to help boost your mood so that you can stay calm and Run Your Day!”

Like the company’s other functional gums, Calm Gum uses a unique compression process to infuse functional nutrients into a piece of chewing gum. Using gum as the delivery vehicle allows for sublingual and buccal absorption, giving customers a fast boost without the need for any liquids. All Run Gum products are zero-calories, contain no aspartame, are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Run Gum Calm is available for pre-order in two flavors—Lavender and Raspberry Lemon, each in a 30-piece resealable pouch with a suggested retail price of $19.99. For more information visit


About Run Gum

Run Gum was founded by a 2x Olympic Runner and his coach in 2014 as a way to help maximize their performance on the track.  Starting with its flagship product Run Gum Energy, the brand has become one of the leaders in functional gum with nationwide distribution in Walmart and Target.

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