How We Run Ep. 1 | Salmon Fishing Buoy 10

How We Run Ep. 1 | Salmon Fishing Buoy 10

Introducing the How We Run Adventure Video Series


If you check out our How We Run values, you will see number 1 says:

Our foundation begins with a passion and zest for life. We want to live active, healthy lifestyles; seeking personal growth, pushing the limits and always finding new adventures.


We believe if we as a company are making sure we are fully alive, we will grow as individuals and as a company. And this why we just launched our new How We Run adventure series. In this series, Run Gum CEO and Co-Founder, Nick Symmonds, will take those up to the challenge with him on expeditions. Follow along for lots of action and go behind the scenes with Run Gum staff on what it’s like to have our office be the great outdoors.

EPISODE 1: Salmon Fishing Buoy 10

Buoy 10 is a legendary fishing spot on the Columbia River situated in between two great states: Washington and Oregon. It’s known for some brutal conditions, tricky waters, and gnarly Coho and Chinook Salmon.

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