Introducing Run Gum Immunity

Introducing Run Gum Immunity

“Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't guarantee you will be immune from all disease, but it does give you the best chance to fight any disease." 

I read that the other day and it really stuck with me.

I've spent my entire life focused on living a healthy lifestyle. I've spent my entire professional life educating and inspiring others to do the same. Life is happier, more enjoyable when we are able to wake up each day with our health. 

Then 2020 happened.

This year has tested us all, both mentally and physically. It has scared us, enraged us, but it has also inspired us. In some ways 2020 has reminded us just how important our health is to us and we have rededicated our efforts towards improvement. 

It has inspired us here at Run Gum as well. We can eat healthy and work out daily, but if our immune system isn't firing on all cylinders, then w're going to struggle at some point.

To help boost my immune system, I asked the team to create the best immunity product possible. The goal was to create a great tasting piece of gum that was packed with immune boosting ingredients. It took six months and dozens of trials, but I'm proud to say we did it.

Allow me to introduce you to Run Gum Immunity.

Packed with probiotics, elderberry, and b-vitamins, it has already become an essential part of my daily health routine. With a great chew and delicious berry flavor, I think you will find that it lives up to the standards of our flagship product, Run Gum Energy. 

From day one our mission here at Run Gum has been to fuel and inspire people to make the most of their busy days. That continues to be at the core of everything we do.

Chew Gum, Have Energy, Run The Day. Chew Gum. Stay Healthy Run Your Day!

Nick Symmonds
Run Gum CEO


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