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Jamal Liggin, Performance Coach To Top Athletes - The Importance Of Being Able To Relate To Others - 031

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Jamal Liggin, Performance Coach To Top Athletes - The Importance Of Being Able To Relate To Others - 031

"It's not about the movements, it's about how you relate to the client."

The Ability To Relate To Others

Over the course of his career, Coach Liggin has had numerous NFL 1st round draft picks as well as early round draftees who have come out of his customized NFL Combine prep program. The JLT program continues to grow as more and more top tier athletes pile in looking to enhance their overall athletic ability.

JLT is a Performance Training Program designed by Coach Jamal Liggin, based out of Los Angeles, California. For the past ten years, JLT has developed custom training programs for professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and various MMA organizations, including the UFC.  

The JLT off-season program focuses on four major parts; speed, strength, nutrition, and recovery. Each aspect of the training program plays a key role in the development and longevity of the client. Athletes partake in vigorous training routines on the field, in the weight room and under the sun on the beaches of Santa Monica, California. 

Coach Liggin specializes in improving speed, acceleration and movement. This in turn has helped hundreds of professional and collegiate athletes including Odell Beckham Jr, Saquon Barkley, Marshawn Lynch and Von Miller take their game to insurmountable levels.

In this episode, Nick talks with Jamal about training the world's top athletes, what it takes to start your own business and the importance of relating to others.

Learn all about Jamal and what's next for him and JLT.



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Nick Symmonds

Nick Symmonds