Jeff Coover, US Pole Vaulter & College Coach - Attacking The Goal That's In Front Of You - 013

Jeff Coover, US Pole Vaulter & College Coach - Attacking The Goal That's In Front Of You - 013

“It's all about attacking the goal that is in directly in front of you rather than what's way out there.”

Attacking The Goal That's Directly In Front Of You 

Jeff Coover is a US Pole Vaulter & College Coach at Northern Iowa.

Jeff grew up surfing, skateboarding and playing baseball.  It wasn't until he switched high schools and saw his brother on the track team that influenced him to make the switch from baseball to track and field.  After being immediately intrigued with the Pole Vault, Jeff had much success in high school (vaulting 16.6 feet at state) that opened up the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. He thought he would stay near to his Southern California roots for college but after visiting his brother in Indiana he fell in love with the college an decided to take it collegiate career and education to IU.

Coover had tremendous success in college, vaulting 18.1 feet in college and securing a PR every single year.  Shortly after he won the Big 10 Championship in 2008, Coover made a big decision to not use his degree in Environmental Management and to give the professional career in Pole Vaulting a try.  He has since then competed in several US Championships and continues to get better every year.  He now splits his time between training and coaching the vertical jumps and multi's at Northern Iowa. 

In this episode, Nick and Jeff discuss how to attack the goals directly in front of you, balancing being a college coach and professional athlete along with the adversity he's faced throughout the journey.

Learn all about Jeff's story and what's next for him.



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