Jenna’s 5 Ways to Run The Day

Jenna’s 5 Ways to Run The Day

As a company, we say “Chew Gum. Have Energy. Run the Day” a lot...but what does it really mean?

Does it mean you need to get out there and go for a run? I hope not, because I haven’t put foot to pavement like that in awhile. 

When we say “Run The Day” that is exactly what we want you to do. We want you to Run The Day….your way! 

So I wanted to share with you some moments when I choose to opt for Run Gum! 

1. Before a workout. Now, Run Gum is not just used for “working out” but really, when I wake up in the morning, the last thing I want to do is gulp down some caffeine before I’m about to workout for 30 min. I’m normally crunched on time, and need to give my all during those 30 minutes...I can’t imagine my stomach full of liquids 🥴

2. Heading out the door. Whenever I’m running late *cough* oversleeping *cough* and I can’t hit the drive up coffee stand, popping a piece (or two) of Run Gum gives me that extra boost I need, while still being to where I need to go on time! 

3. After lunch! I typically will grab our mint flavor here. You know, you just had lunch and I’m wanting that minty freshness and something to not make me fall asleep in our afternoon meetings. 

4. Around 3pm...this isn’t an everyday thing, or maybe it is and I have a caffeine addiction (this isn’t the place); HOWEVER...Run Gum around the 3PM lull helps me push through my workday! It seriously is a life saver! I started experimenting with our flavors around this time. Can anyone say Bubblemint (1 bubblegum piece + 1 mint piece = heaven) 

5. Road Trips & Airplane Rides. I love to travel, but I hate using the bathroom in strange places. So a couple pieces of Run Gum really do help me get my energy going as I am heading to my next destination. It’s easy on the stomach, doesn’t give me jitters, and I’m ready to go when I hop off the plane (at LAX...Miley Cyrus anyone?) or arrive at my destination. not exceed more than 8 pieces of Run Gum a day (that’s 4 packages of Original Strength Run Gum).

Phew 😅Lucky for me, at any given day I’m right around 4(ish) packs if I really needed that extra boost! 

So I’ll leave you with this...Chew Gum. Have Energy. Run the Day...your way! 

Share with us down below how you utilize Run Gum! 

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