Justin Forsett, NFL Running Back & CEO - Will You Be Ready When The Opportunity Comes? - 030

Justin Forsett, NFL Running Back & CEO - Will You Be Ready When The Opportunity Comes? - 030

"Your best ability is your availability."

Being Prepared For Your Opportunity

Undersized and overmatched, at 5'8" Justin Forsett had plenty of reasons to give up on becoming a full-time NFL starter. It wasn't until 2014 at age 29 that Forsett "came out of nowhere" and proved them all wrong.  

Forsett spent parts of four seasons (2008-11) with Seattle and the 2012 season with the Texans. He played in nine games for the Jaguars in 2013 before injuring his foot, forcing him to miss the remainder of the season. Forsett spent more than two seasons with the Ravens, including one Pro Bowl year in which he took the league by storm in 2014.  He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2015 following his most successful season in the NFL, and ranked #65 on the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2015.

After breaking his arm midway through the 2105 season, recovering, and playing just nine more games with the Ravens, the Detroit Lions, and the Denver Broncos, Forsett announced his retirement from the NFL on May 3, 2017.

Justin, however, will be defined by much more than his stats.  Justin was a cherished fan favorite and big part of the community. He spent much of his time spreading advice and encouragement to his teammates and anyone he worked with. A Christian man of integrity, he was extremely active in volunteering to help those in need, the Baltimore community in particular, who embraced him back.

When speaking to audiences, Justin has a genuine desire to positively impact others with his message of perseverance through life’s disappointments. His witty and down-to-earth personality engages audiences from corporate environments to youth groups as he shares his inspirational journey of hope, focus, determination, and the importance of legacy.

Justin is now the CEO of Shower Pill the active care wipe for every body that you can now find at Target!

In this episode, Nick talks with Justin about always being prepared for your opportunity, surrounding yourself with others' that push you to excel and living a life of humility.

Learn all about Justin and what's next for him and Shower Pill.



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