Matt Wan, CEO of Momentous - Excellence is Achieved Through Belief and Focus - 012

Matt Wan, CEO of Momentous - Excellence is Achieved Through Belief and Focus - 012

“When you have laser-like focus you're constantly pursuing excellence.”

Pursuing Excellence is Achieved through Belief and Focus 

Matt Wan is the CEO and Co-Founder at Momentous, a sports nutrition startup on a mission to change the supplement industry.

Momentous is the only brand of its kind to collaborate directly with dietitians and strength coaches from all four Major Leagues, and after launching their first product line just a few months ago, they can already count more than 30 professional sports teams as customers. They’ve raised money from an impressive array of individuals, including former executives from Facebook and YouTube, NFL and NBA ownership, and world-class athletes like Alex Honnold and Jimmy Chin.

Matt currently lives and skis in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and is proud to share his Co-Founder title with MTV legend and world-class brand builder Rob Dyrdek. It might also be worth mentioning that Matt recently turned 20 years old, and dropped out of Harvard to pursue his passions full time.

In this episode, Nick and Matt discuss how to he became a CEO at such a young age, his company Momentous and pursuing excellence!

Learn all about Matt's story, what's next for him and Momentous.



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