Meet the Team: Nick Symmonds

Meet the Team: Nick Symmonds

Allow us to introduce you to our team!

Quick interview with our CEO and Co-Founder, Nick Symmonds 

  1. What is your name? Nicholas Boone Symmonds 
  2. What is your Role in the Company? CEO & President 
  3. what's the best description to describe what you do? ⚡️Hype Guy 
  4. That sounds about right. What would you say you love most about the work you do? I love connecting with our customers. Every time I hear a story of how Run Gum helped someone run faster, study longer, or work harder it just makes me so dang happy! 
  5. What passion project / hobby do you do outside of work? I really love to hike, fish, and fly airplanes. You are likely to find me doing all three on the weekends. 
  6. Do you have a favorite Quote? "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" 
  7. So, we took the Enneagram test for our Company Retreat, what was your Enneagram Number? NUMBER 7 BABY - YEAAAAH!!!! (any other Number 7's out there?) 
  8. Top 3 Favorite Books? The Power of One, Once a Runner, A Soldier of the Great War
  9. And last but not you have a favorite Run Gum Flavor? EXTRA STRENGTH SPEARMINT!!!! 

Thank you so much for sitting down with us and chatting! 

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