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Nick Symmonds' 2012 Training Log eBook [FREE DOWNLOAD]

"A taste of what life is like for an elite athlete and how much work is needed to get you to the top."

In 2012, Run Gum CEO, Nick Symmonds, went on to run his personal best of 1:42:95 for 800 meters. Nick's PB also placed him 5th at the 2012 Olympic Games in London and still happens to be the third fastest ever run by an American. Four years later, Nick is ready to unveil the steps he took to get there.

Immediately following his best race ever, he sold over 3,000 hard copies of his daily training log, which included his daily workouts and notes.  It has since sat in archives. However, after a few years of weekly requests from aspiring athletes, their coaches and fans of the sport about it, he decided to bring it back. This time as an ebook and for FREE.

Click Here to Get Your Free Download of Nick Symmonds' 2012 Training Log.

For him to be able to record every single workout leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games, Nick kept each workout entry very simple. He then went back day-by-day, transcribed word for word and added extra commentary.


  • Daily workouts designed by elite coaches.
  • Added insight and perspective Nick gained looking back.
  • The total-mileage summation put in every week leading up to the 2012 Olympics.
  • The different kind of activities Nick does to recover from workouts and races.
  • Nick's launch into fighting for athletes's rights that him and his company Run Gum are still fighting today.

This Training Log is meant to give you a taste of what life is like for an elite athlete and how much work is needed to get you to the top. Nick and longtime mentor, Coach Sam, are extremely proud of this performance and are excited to share all of the training that went into finding success on the track.

As you read through this Training Log, we would love it if you shared the content that speaks to you most and be sure to shoot us a message on social media at @NickSymmonds and @RunGum.

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