Nick Symmonds on the Transition from Founder to CEO of Run Gum

Nick Symmonds on the Transition from Founder to CEO of Run Gum

After missing out on third Olympic Games, Nick Symmonds' focus is now on growing a company

We are back with a new season of the Performance Matters Podcast. And we are kicking it off with Run Gum Co-Founder, Nick Symmonds.

Being forced to pull out of the 2016 Olympic Trials and his chance for a third Olympics because of an injury, Nick talks about what it is like to watch the Games instead of competing at them. And although he would prefer to still be running this year, is enjoying the downtime to focus on building and growing Run Gum.

For an in-depth interview of Nick and all the new things happening at Run Gum HQ, take a listen to episode 1 of season 2 of the Performance Matters Podcast with Nathan Woods.


  • How Nick is dealing with an injury and watching the Olympics for the first time since 2004.
  • What it's like transition from a Founder to the CEO.
  • The reasons behind a new look to Run Gum's website and packaging.
  • What the goal is for the company going forward.



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