One Week. Every Mile. Every Meal.

One Week. Every Mile. Every Meal.

Miles and Meals: A Week Long Chronicle of Every Mile I Ran and Every Meal I Ate.

This time of year is always particularly challenging for me. In the fall I am usually coming off a few weeks of not running. My legs are weak, my body is heavy, and my heart and lungs are rarely up for the task of long distance running. I like to take it slow and steady coming back.

I am currently ten pounds over ideal race weight. My main focus for the next few months is to lose those pounds while steadily upping my mileage to approximately sixty miles per week.

The notes below are from a "base phase" week. This particular week represents approximately 75% of my full training capacity. This is what I have found works best for me through all my years working with amazing coaches and my nutritionist.
So take it with a grain of salt or copy it exactly, my 7 day Miles and Meals is geared to give you just a bit more insight into the life of a professional runner.


Miles: 6 miles easy plus drills and strides

B: cup of coffee (I take my coffee with a bit of cream and sugar) + Bowl of cereal with milk.
L: Quinoa bowl with roasted peppers, potatoes, and ground turkey. Washed down with sparkling water. Popcorn + tea mid afternoon. 
D: Salad with steak and mashed potatoes plus a dinner roll. Washed down with 2x Rainier beer.


AM: 3 mile warm up, 10x800m averaging 2:40 with 60 seconds rest. 3 mile cool down. 
PM: lift

B: Cup of coffee and a banana.
L: Bagel sandwich with turkey, salami, cheese plus a side of potato chips. Sparkling water and Greek Yogurt for desert.
D: Meatloaf, salad and bread. A big of dark chocolate and sour patch kids for desert. (Note: a glass or two of champagne before dinner)

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5 miles easy

B: Cup of coffee and an English muffin with peanut butter and jelly on it
L: breakfast scramble with eggs, potatoes, sausage, and cheese. + tea
D: Sushi and Sake. Ice Cream for dessert.


7 miles easy plus mobility drills and plyos

B: cup of coffee plus bowl of cereal 
L: Bagel sandwich with ham and cheese plus veggie fries. + small Dr. Pepper
D: Bacon cheeseburger and fries. Sour patch kids at movies.


AM: 2 mile warm up, 1xMile in 5:35. Rest 5 min. 2x(200m, 150m, 100m) with full recovery. 2 mile cool down. My first time back on a track since I broke my ankle in May.

PM: lift

B: coffee + English muffin with peanut butter and jelly
L: turkey bagel sandwich and chips. Popcorn mid afternoon
D: curry udon + beer


3 miles easy jog

B: cup of coffee and a KIND bar
L: breakfast burrito and tea
D: salad with turkey. English muffin with peanut butter and honey for dessert.


12 mile long run at 6:40 min/mile average pace

B: coffee. Ramen noodles. 
L: chicken fajitas
D: ribeye steak and sautéed vegetables plus two beers.

Weekly Total: 50 miles

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