Run Gum and CEO Nick Symmonds pledge 25,000+ packs of Run Gum to Healthcare workers nationwide

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Run Gum and CEO Nick Symmonds pledge 25,000+ packs of Run Gum to Healthcare workers nationwide

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard, even the team at Run Gum. While it's tough on everyone, one group of people is being challenged the hardest: the healthcare industry and its growing struggle to deal with the global health crisis. The brave and resilient men and women of the healthcare industry are working around the clock in worsening conditions to prepare and care for victims of COVID-19. The team here at Run Gum wanted to do something to give back to the men and women keeping us safe, so we did what we could:

We put out an instagram post last week asking healthcare workers to send their information to us, and we would send a care package of our high energy gum straight to them or their hospital. We were so overwhelmed with responses and stories from healthcare workers all over the nation! So much so, we pledged over 25,000+ pieces of Run Gum to go out in order to fill these requests!

Nick released a video shortly after thanking first responders and medical personnel for all their hard work during this time, saying "If you want an energy boost, you get an energy boost. For anyone who messaged us and said they needed a little boost in their back pocket, we've allocated this entire pallet of Fruit Run Gum, that's over 25,000 pieces; it's coming straight to you. " You can watch it here:


We love our community here at Run Gum, and we couldn't be happier to try to help out our individuals in law enforcement, the medical industry, and first responders. We hope you all are staying safe and healthy out there!


We've heard from a lot of you about direct donations to the cause! If you have questions, comments, or would like to donate, text RGHELPS to 29071. Run the Day!

Alex Sullivan

Alex Sullivan