Run Gum is proud to announce a partnership with WeRun313

Run Gum is proud to announce a partnership with WeRun313

WeRun313 is a community running group based in Detroit and happens to be the fastest-growing run club in Michigan.  Founded in 2019 by Joe Robinson and Lance Woods, WeRun313 connects like-minded individuals through running to help build a healthier and more prosperous community. 

As two avid runners, Robinson and Woods wanted to create a club for runners of all levels, ages, and ethnicities to bring awareness to the physical and mental health benefits of distance running. With a mission to Connect, Run, Build, the club aims to dismantle the narrative that African-Americans don’t run and move the culture forward in a way that has never been done, specifically in Detroit.

“We were able to create something that Detroit was missing,” said Woods. “It has been a great space for many to connect with others while simultaneously strengthening their mental and physical fitness. Many people have gained friends, lost weight, and for some accomplished their first 5K, 10K, half and full marathon distances because of their dedication to the club!”

“WeRun313 has had a significant impact on the hearts and minds of the people of Detroit, especially those who come to run with us,” added Robinson. “We see people weekly who start running and that mental strength they have developed translates into other areas in their life that cause positive change.”

At Run Gum, we believe that People Matter and Performance Matters and WeRun313 has inspired us with the way they engage their community through running.  With one group run at a time, WeRun313’s is making a difference to build a healthier, happier community.

“Joe and Lance are building something in Detroit that has inspired us way out here in Eugene, Oregon,” says Run Gum COO Nathan Woods.

This is felt by all of us here at Run Gum, which is why we’re partnering with them to elevate their stories, spread their message, and help them create even a more significant impact in their community and nationwide.

Starting in August, Run Gum will sponsor WeRun313’s weekly community run every Tuesday, called Two Mile Tuesdays.

“We are thrilled to be connected with such an amazing group at WeRun313,” says Nick Symmonds, Run Gum CEO. “Our hope is that people will see the power that the running community can have in a city. WeRun313 is an amazing example of this.”

“This partnership means a lot to me! I first had RunGum as I ran my first marathon in January 2019 at the Miami Marathon. Never in a million years did I think I’d be doing work with this organization,” says Lance Woods. “Fast forward to today, and we are working together to help further each other's mission. This speaks volumes about the power of dreaming and creating something to enhance the lives of others. I’m excited about what's going to happen ahead!”

“The partnership is a reflection of the power of running, community and connectivity, similar to our slogan “Connect.Run.Build” to get connected from Eugene, Oregon to Detroit, Michigan,” said Robinson.

“RunGum and its influence in the world of competitive and recreational running + WeRun313’s growing power to socially connect like-minded individuals and influence the community as a whole makes way for a great partnership with many new possibilities.”


Join WeRun313 Founders Lance Woods and Joe Robinson and Run Gum's CEO Nick Symmonds on IG Live Monday, August 10th to hear them speak about their respective backgrounds, today's climate and the running world, and more on the partnership between WeRun313 and Run Gum. Watch It Here 

Make sure to keep a lookout on our social media as well for Two Mile Tuesday takeovers, interviews and Q and A sessions with WeRun313, and more details to come for our partnership with WeRun313! 

Find out more about WeRun313 at their website and follow them on all social media platforms @werun313 (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

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