Run Gum Kicks Off Partnership with The Vitamin Shoppe

Run Gum Kicks Off Partnership with The Vitamin Shoppe



EUGENE, Ore. (April 16, 2018) — Starting today, The Vitamin Shoppe will carry Run Gum at 500 locations throughout the U.S. Containing 50 milligrams of caffeine per piece in a sugar-free and calorie-free formula, the stimulants in Run Gum absorb sublingually for a quick and effective boost. Run Gum will be available in fruit, cinnamon, and mint flavors at The Vitamin Shoppe locations where it is sold.

“We are very excited to partner with The Vitamin Shoppe and to bring Run Gum nationwide,” said Run Gum CEO Nick Symmonds. “The Vitamin Shoppe’s dedication to fitness is unparalleled and its ‘Inspire, nourish, thrive everyday’ slogan resonates with everything Run Gum stands for.”

Two-time track and field Olympian Symmonds co-founded Run Gum with his coach, Sam Lapray, in 2014 to provide a safe and legal energy boost for athletes. Extremely portable and effective as a whole energy blend, Run Gum is now available nationwide and has become a popular alternative to sugary caffeinated products for everyone from athletes to weary travelers. 

“Throughout our history, we have introduced some of the world’s most innovative products to our customers and pride ourselves on being an incubator of wellness trends,” says Day Gooch VP of Merchandising at The Vitamin Shoppe. “Run Gum has created a truly unique, performance-boosting solution that we’re confident our customers will embrace with enthusiasm.” 

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Founded by two-time Olympian Nick Symmonds and his coach Sam Lapray, Run Gum is an energy gum company with a mission of fueling and inspiring people to go further, accomplish more, and run the day. In 2014, they launched a caffeine-infused gum formulated to give users a quick boost in alertness, focus, and energy. Learn more at

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